Image of Strangely Singaporean Postcard Box Set (of 18)

Strangely Singaporean Postcard Box Set (of 18)


All prices are in Singapore dollars, SGD$.

Comes packaged in a box set of 18 different postcards.

The 18 postcards include:
01. For the Creative Singaporean
– (Pattern Zway Kway Badminton)

02. For the Stylish Singaporean
– (Stylo Milo)

03. For the Bumpkin Singaporean
– (Sua Ku)

04. For the Oblivious Singaporean
– (Bak Jiu Tak Stamp)

05. For the Ang Moh Singaporean
– (Jiak Gan Tang)

06. For the Puzzled Singaporean
– (Orh... Orh Hanzi)

07. For the Composed Singaporean
– (Steady Pom Pipi)

08. For the Snooty Singaporean
– (Yaya Papaya)

09. For the Efficient Singaporean
– (Chop Chop Curry Pok)

10. For the Clueless Singaporean
– (Blur Like Sotong)

11. For the Hasty Singaporean
– (Gan Cheong Spider)

12. For the Grumpy Singaporean
– (Bin Chow Chow)

13. For the Mischievous Singaporean
– (Sabo King)

14. For the Precise Singaporean
– (Zhun Zhun Guni Hoon)

15. For the Nosy Singaporean
– (Kaypoh)

16. For the Dated Singaporean
– (Obiang)

17. For the Lucky Singaporean
– (Heng Ah Babu Liam Keng)

18. For the Champion Singaporean
– (Kiasu)

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