Image of Kopitiam Keychain - Summon Auntie Lai Liao

Kopitiam Keychain - Summon Auntie Lai Liao


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Keychain dimensions: 3.4 cm(w) by 3.4cm(h)
Gold plated with 3cm diameter key ring

Available in 31 different designs.

1. Teh Peng
2. Teh Tabao
3. Teh-C
4. Diao Yu Yi Bei (Chinese tea)
5. Kopi Peng
6. Kopi-O
7. Kopi-C
8. Kopi Tabao
9. La Kopi
10. Tak Giu Peng (Ice milo)
11. Milo Dinosaur
12. Wang Qing Shui (Mineral water)
13. Clementi (Ice lemon tea)
14. Michael Jackson (Grass jelly + Soya milk)
15. Yum Seng
16. Huat ah (Yusheng)
17. Chope
18. Mata Lai Liao (Police is here!)
19. Kopi Uncle
20. Kopi Auntie
21. Chicken Rice
22.Mee Pok Ta
23. Rojak
24. Prata Kosong
25. Jiak Jeem (Eat chilli crab)
26. Shiok (Nasi lemak)
27. Laksa
28. Kaya Loti (Kaya toast)
29. Zha Dan Liang Li (Soft boil eggs)
30. Ye Zi Mei Bao (Amy Yip big bun)
31. Summon Auntie Lai Liao

These keychains are part of the Chope! Project, click here to find out more.

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